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Orange County Solar Power

Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow

Renew Today by installing your own Orange County solar power production system for your home or business and hedge against the never ending ascent of energy costs provided by your utility. Preserve Tomorrow by installing your own personal renewable energy Orange County power plant with no moving parts and no distribution costs. Solar energy saves you money and preserves the environment. An Orange County solar electric system is an investment that will save you thousands and preserve your financial future. In today’s economic environment, Orange County solar power is an investment you can make at the most opportune time. The power of a renewable energy Orange County solar electric system is that it is a financial and environmental investment, a solid investment with predetermined gains. By renewing today, you preserve your financial future and preserve the environment for future generations… Use the quick and easy Request a Quote form on the right to begin the process of cleaning up your act with Renewable Orange County energy.

It's Easy Being Green

The California Solar Initiative, more commonly known as California solar power rebates or California energy star rebates, is a CASH back incentive for solar technologies. In addition to California energy efficiency rebates, as of January 1st, 2009, you can take 30% off the price of your new solar power generating investment as a Federal Tax CREDIT.

Orange County Solar Power Services

An Orange County solar power system from Renew Solar Construction will increase the value of your residential or commercial investment. Our Orange County solar heating and Orange County Solar pool heating systems also help make your home rise in value. NEVER pay for electricity again. Increase the value of your property.

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