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Rebates, Money Saving and Incentives: Orange County Solar Power Savings For Your 2013 End Of Year Projects

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Solar Rebates in Hand

Solar Rebates

When considering making energy efficient upgrades to your home, a lot of thought goes into the process.

What are the costs?

What are the benefits?

What is the right decision for the long term solution?

When weighing your options nothing speaks louder than rebates and saving money!  You can’t argue with spending less, and saving more over time.  There are so many rebates that are offered through the utility companies that we can’t name them all here, but we can go over a few for you with regards to solar water heating and electricity.

Please feel free to contact us to do the homework for you. Let us buy you a cup of coffee and specifically hand pick the rebates best suited for your needs.

Still curious right now? Please proceed…

  • So Cal Gas

So Cal Gas is offering rebates up to $2,719 for residential customers based on eligibility for solar water heating.  For more information on applying for the rebate or if you would qualify, please visit  the So Cal Gas rebate page.

  • SCE

SCE is offering rebates up to $1,834 for solar water heating.  They are also offering rebates for solar electricity as well.  Rebates are based upon state guidelines through the CSI programs.  For more information or to submit an application, please click here.

  • PG&E

Although PG&E is currently out of funding for the CSI Thermal Program, they are accepting applicants for the waitlist.  Keep checking for updates as new rebate programs become available all the time.  Click here to be directed to the rebate page for PG&E.

Now although the rebates are amazing opportunities, the long term savings that you can achieve from switching to solar power are where the real cost benefits are!  The average household will spend over $100,000 in the next 25 years powering their homes.  By installing solar power, you can receive at least 15% return on the investment, and huge cost savings on your monthly bills.

So when considering your options for energy efficient upgrades to your home, let us help you! We can come out and do a site evaluation and a cost benefit analysis to assist you in making the best decision for your home. Or, just start with your electric bill and a cup o’ joe. To request a free solar evaluation click here.

free Orange County Solar Energy Evaluation
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