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Energy Saving Tips for Winter: Orange County Solar Savings For Your Wallet AND The Environment

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Orange County Solar Power

Orange County Solar Power

With winter slowly moving in, many of us our not saving on the AC, but instead, just firing up the heaters. Here are some ideas from your Orange County Solar specialists to save some energy this winter (or pretty much any time)…

1.  Check your windows for drafts

  • If you have a drafty window try covering it plastic taped to the frame to reduce the air coming through.
  • Consider insulated drapes or shades

2.  What is your thermostat set at?

  • Adjusting your thermostat by just 10 degrees can save you a nice chunk on your energy bill
  • Installing a programmable thermostat can also help adjusting the temperature automatically during the hours that you do not need to use as much heat

3.  Maintain your heating system

  • Check your filters
  • Schedule a maintenance service to ensure the system is running efficiently

4.  Turn down your water heater

  • Set it to warm which is 120 degrees.  So save money and you won’t burn your hands!

5.  Holiday Lighting

  • Switch to LED
  • Look for ENERGY STAR ® qualified lights

6.  Consider making the switch to solar!

So instead of wondering how you are going to come up with that extra money for holiday gifts, consider making the switch to Orange County solar power to see the the savings and give you a little flexibility in other areas!

Go From “Thinking About It” to “Can’t Live Without It” in a Few Easy Steps! All we need is one utility bill (most recent is best) to determine how much you’d save with solar! Get started with your solar savings.

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