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Micro-Inverters vs. Traditional Inverters

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Solar inverters have come a long way since the early days of renewable energy. From stand-alone inverters, to Grid tie inverters and battery backup inverters, there are a variety of classifications to chose from. The biggest choice to make though is between whether or not you should use a Micro-Inverter or a Traditional Inverter.

A micro-inverter converts DC from a  solar panel to AC. Then, the power from several microinverters are combined and fed into an electrical grid. Microinverters have many advantages over traditional inverters, mainly that shade or debris  on any one solar panel will not cause the output of the system to reduce disproportionately. Micro Inverters  have higher durability and many of the newer models accept DC input from two panels, instead of one. Performing independent maximum power point tracking on each panel, micro inverters  reduce equipment costs and make Orange County Solar Energy systems using micro-inverters more cost efficient than traditional inverters.

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