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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA SunPower Solar Electric System Case Study

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Solar Thermal Pool/Solar Electric System Case Study: Rancho Margarita Family Saves Huge $ with SunPower Pool Heating System

Rancho Santa Margarita solar panel installation will not only cut the cost of your electric bill, but also save our environments’ resources. With an Orange County Solar System, the electricity you use will mainly come from the sun!

Renew Solar Construction-SunPower Solar Electric System Case Study

Location: Rancho Santa Margarita California-Community of Las Flores

Problem: San Diego Gas & Electric has over-sized thermal pool heating system and the is looking to reduce their electric bills and take control of electricity costs which have been increasing by 5.2% annually. The homeowners are frustrated by the lack of control they have regarding their electricity costs.

Orange County Solar Power Project Description:

  • Reduce oversized thermal pool heating system by 50% and install 5.88 kW DC
  • Solar electric system consisting of (18) SunPower 327 Watt solar panels that generates
  • 69% of the historical electrical consumption from the light of the sun.

Approx. 8-weeks from signing a contract with Renew Solar Construction our homeowners have a solar pool heating system that is sized correctly for their pool. They have taken
complete control of their electricity costs by installing their own solar power plant and reduces their electric bill by 69%.

Net Cost after rebates and Federal Tax Credit: $22,650 Year of Installation

Monthly savings over 25 years: $485 per month (average)

Utility Savings over 25 years: $145,500.00

Rate of Return on Cash Invested: 16.7%

Levelized cost of Electricity: $0.10 per kWh compared to $0.23 previous average

Payback on Cash Invested: 6 years

Increase in Property Value: $47,464.00

Visual Impact-Curb Appeal = Zero – Solar panels are not visible at all!

SunPower = Peace of Mind

For more information on how Renew Solar and SunPower Solar Electric systems can help save you money, fill out the “Get A Quote” form on the left or contact us!

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