Our Name

Renew Solar Construction – Our Name

Renew Today – Preserve Tomorrow

Renew Solar Construction recognizes the interdependence of all living things. These words used in our company name and slogan represent our company values and commitment to our community and environment.

re•new (Definition) – Renew Today

  1. to begin or take up again, as an acquaintance, a conversation, etc.;
  2. to make effective for an additional period: to renew a lease.
  3. to restore or replenish: to renew a stock of goods.
  4. to make, say, or do again.
  5. to revive; reestablish.
  6. to recover (youth, strength, etc.).
  7. to restore to a former state; make new or as if new again.–verb (used without object)
  8. to begin again; recommence.
  9. to renew a lease, note, etc.
  10. to be restored to a former state; become new or as if new again.

pre•serve (Definition) – Preserve Tomorrow

  1. 1. to keep alive or in existence; make lasting: to preserve our liberties as free citizens.
  2. to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare.
  3. to keep up; maintain: to preserve historical monuments.
  4. to keep possession of; retain: to preserve one’s composure.
  5. to prepare (food or any perishable substance) so as to resist decomposition or fermentation.
  6. to prepare (fruit, vegetables, etc.) by cooking with sugar, pickling, canning, or the like.
  7. to maintain and reserve (game, fish, etc.) for continued survival or for private use, as in hunting or fishing.

Renew Solar Construction – Strives to “Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow”

It’s more important than ever to be aware of the interconnectedness between people and the environment. The health of the planet depends on a global awareness and in pursuing affordable solutions to clean sustainable energy. Renew Solar Construction knows that bringing renewable resources into homes and businesses will make a positive impact for future generations.

As the one of the leading solar electric providers in Southern California, we are committed to the very values that inspired us from the start: integrity, respect, honesty, and honoring our commitments.

We do what we say and say what we do. You’ll notice right away that we do things differently.

We must trust one another that our intentions are good and are not meant to cause harm.

We utilize these guidelines in our pursuit of success in all activities related to owning and managing Renew Solar Construction.

  • We promote awareness in our community
  • We integrate long-term thinking into all we do
  • We measure profit & success holistically
  • We take ownership in advancing a culture of safety
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We lead and follow by example
Renew Solar Construction
Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow

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