It’s sunshine, it’s free, it’s simple—right?

With all the things to consider, from interpreting your electric bill and comparing solar bids to comparing paying cash with lower-cost offerings, the process of considering solar can be dizzying. But with the right information, you’ll see the light: going solar can be easy, cost-effective and hassle-free. Let Renew Solar Construction show you how!

There are many solar companies offering leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s). Renting out your roof to strangers may reduce the monthly amount you pay to the utility company but it is not advantages to you and your families’ financial future and energy independence. Renew Solar Construction wants you to know why we recommend financing and owning your own electric power plant over renting it. Owning your own electric power plant is for anyone with an average monthly electric bill of $150.00 or more.

  • The leasing company reaps most if not all of the financial benefits of your system.
  • The leasing company keeps all incentive tax credits, rebates & renewable energy credits
  • Interest on leases is not tax deductible
  • You spend many years paying for a system you don’t own
  • Because you are renting your system, it won’t increase the value of your home
  • By entering a long-term lease, selling your home becomes much more challenging.
  • A buyer has to agree to assume the lease, and a leasing company has to qualify the buyer of your property as a new lessee.

A Renew Solar Construction system that you own not only increases the value of your home, its a tool towards energy and financial independence. Take advantage of the current rebates and tax incentives today, while they are still available. Click on the our financial partners links below for financing options-Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow.

Solar Power Financing Partners

    Sunpower Financing Available

Start saving today-Let Renew Solar Construction show you how!

Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow

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