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Irvine, Orange County Solar Energy System Installation & Photovoltaic Case Study

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City: Irvine Orange County, California – Community of Shady Canyon
Problem: $600 to 800 a month in electrical bills to power residence including home office, 3-refigerators, 5-fountains, pool and spa.

Project Description:
  • Design & Installation of a 12.006 kW AC Power System for a 3,600 square feet single family residence in Irvine, Orange County, CA
  • A – System Consist’s of (60) Siliken 235 Watt Solar Modules and (30) Enphase D-380 Micro-Inverters with web based energy production monitoring.

    Southern California Edison Customer

Renew Solar Construction System Components:
  • (60) Siliken 235 Watt Solar Modules
  • (30) Enphase D-380 Micro-Inverters
  • (1) Enphase Envoy-Web Based Energy Monitoring System
How long from contract signing to commissioning of system?
Approx. 3-months due to delays in permitting. Most of the time elapsed was in educating the city on the new micro-inverter technology. This project would typically take thirty days from contract signing to commissioning.


* Photovoltaic “Solar” Energy systems all have Inverters that convert DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) that we all commonly use in our homes and business’s. Micro-Inverters convert the DC power to AC directly from the solar module.
Traditional inverters convert DC to AC right before the electrical service panel.


Cost Breakdown:
Contract Cost $91,593
Edison Rebate $17,289
Federal Tax Credit $22,291
Net Cost $52,013 Year of Installation


The Bottom Line…
Monthly savings over 25 years $720 per month (average)
Utility Savings over 25 years $215,900
Rate of Return on Cash Invested 11.8%
Payback on Cash Invested 7 years
Increase in Property Value $97,620
Total Life-Cycle Payback 393% (Cash Flow compared to Net Cost)

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