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Long Beach, CA Solar Energy System Installation & Photovoltaic Case Study

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 “Thanks to Rob and Rick at Renew Solar Construction I wasn’t confused or afraid to go solar.

When I first decided to install solar I didn’t realize how much there was to know and how many different stories there were about solar panels, inverters installation, and production. After receiving 6 bids, going to the Solar show at the Long Beach Convention Center, and spending hours on the internet I decided to contract with Renew Solar Construction because they were well informed about the industry and the products i.e. panels and inverters. Their proposal was clear, accurate and easy to understand and the price was extremely competitive.

The installation went right on schedule. The quality of workmanship, installation and cleanup were top notch. Best of all the system is running at about 35% above projected production. My bill last year for January was $378.00 and this year was projected to be (post solar) $178.00. The actual bill was $95.00 and this month will run about $35.00.

Ask Rob for my number I’ll be glad to give you more information.

Thanks to Renew Solar Construction I’m no longer afraid to open my SCE bill!”

Arnie Klein

City: Long Beach, California

Problem: High electric bill.

Project Description:
  • Design & Installation of a 6.676 kW kW Renew Solar Construction System for a single family residence
  • Southern California Edison Customer

Renew Solar Construction System Components:
  • (32) Solar World 245 Watt Solar Modules
  • (32) Enphase D-190 Micro-Inverters
  • (1) Enphase Envoy-Web Based Energy Monitoring System

How long from contract signing to commissioning of system?
30 days

* Photovoltaic “Solar” Energy systems all have Inverters that convert DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) that we all commonly use in our homes and business’s. Micro-Inverters convert the DC power to AC directly from the solar module.
Traditional inverters convert DC to AC right before the electrical service panel.

Cost Breakdown:
Contract Cost $40,164
Edison Rebate $9,934
Federal Tax Credit $9,069
Net Cost $21,161 Year of Installation

The Bottom Line…
Monthly savings over 25 years $442 per month (average)
Utility Savings over 25 $132,464
Rate of Return on Cash Invested 16.2 %
Payback on Cash Invested 8 years
Increase in Property Value $50,840
Total Life-Cycle Payback 596% (Cash Flow compared to Net Cost)

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It was loaned to us by our children.”

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  • Hassan

    March 27, 2013 at 6:26 am

    I live in Rockford Michigan not sunny california and I ilnlasted 2Kw solar PV on my roof and below are my results. I am now approching my second full year and project to produce the same amount of electricity. i feel it is worthwhile even here.I am interested in the fact that PG&E credits you at 4 times during peak time vis off peak. I’ll certainly work to get that in Michigan because 44% of what I produce does go into the grid during peak load time.Solar Energy Results 12-15-06 to 12-15-07Why did my wife and I install a 2K solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system* on our house? Because we feel strongly that we need to reduce our carbon footprint. We believe that the huge amount of industrial and human activity is causing GW/CC. We feel it is our responsibility.From December 2006 to December 2007.•Our system produced 1,821 KWH of electricity.•Eliminated 1 bd tons of CO2 gas.•22 bd % of our electricity usage.•56 % of the 1,821 we used while 44 % was sent into the grid.•If our neighbors usage is similar to ours then our system is supplying 16 bd % of their electricity. Pretty cool! Two for the price of one.Because solar’s peak production is during the middle of the day we send the extra into the grid, I like to say to our neighbors. It is exciting to see the indicator arrow on the net- metering meter pointing towards the street indicating the grid is being fed our excess electricity. •One of the beauties of solar is that the electricity doesn’t travel very far therefore resulting in very little “line loss”•Peak production coincides with Consumer’s peak summer loads created when many air conditioners are running. Helping reduce the peak requirement.•Solar emits no greenhouse gases.Consumers Energy pays us at the same rate they charge for the electricity we send to the grid less the electricity distribution charge of $.026594 KWH.I believe that we all should be willing to pay something extra for clean energy that results in healthier air to breath. While on bright sunny days the air seems clean and fresh but it has health damaging pollutants and particles in it. Solar creates none! Rain also washes some of the pollutants out of the air and into our streams and lakes resulting in mercury in fish and more acidity in lakes and the oceans.If you are interested in seeing our system just give me a call.Ps. Our home is located in a woods which undoubtedly reduces the amount of electricity we can produce. I estimate in an open area we might produce 50% more.Bob Stegmier, 616-866-4769*Eleven 208 watt solar PV panels, roof mounted and 1-SMA 2500 watt grid tied inverter.** I also believe that AESs (alternate energy supply) like me should be compensated extra, similar to what Consumers Energy is. Consumers Energy is charging 24% extra for “Green” energy they sell.*** The State of Michigan should establish some incentives to encourage solar energy investment

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