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Placentia, CA Solar Energy System Installation & Photovoltaic Case Study

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Placentia solar panel installation will not only cut the cost of your utilities bill, but also save our environments’ resources. With an Orange County Solar System, the electricity you use will mainly come from the sun!

Orange County Solar Installation – Placentia Solar Energy System Case Study

Location: Placentia California

Problem: Orange County Edison Customer and Boeing employee planning for retirement in a few short years wants to freeze his energy costs and avoid 6.7% average inflation of electricity in Orange County.

Orange County Solar Power Description:

  • (32) Orange County Design & Installation of a 3.920 kW AC Power System for a 1,800 square feet single family residence.
  • (32) System Consist’s of (16) SolarWorld 245 Watt Solar Modules and (16) Enphase M-190 Micro-Inverters with web based energy production monitoring.


By installing a Renew Solar Construction system he was able to fix his cost at .092 cents per Kilowatt Hour for the rest of his life.

Renew Solar Construction’s client invested $12,690.00 net cost year installation after a $3,655.00 rebate and a Federal Tax Credit of $5,438.00. He will get a 14% Return on his Investment and have the peace of mind of knowing what his electricity will cost for the rest of his life. He pays back the original investment in approx 8 years and saves over $55,000.00 guaranteed!

All System Components Made in USA:

(16) SolarWorld 245 Watt Solar Modules

(16) Enphase M-190 Micro-Inverters

(1) Enphase Envoy-Web Based Energy Monitoring System

How long from permit issuance to commissioning of system?

*The City of Placentia approved the system design without requesting any corrections in approx. ten business days. The system was installed, inspected and signed off by the City in four days.

*Our clients can monitor the production of their personal power plant via smart phone or PC from the Enphase Energy Enlighten web based monitoring system.

Cost Breakdown:
Contract Cost $21,783
Edison Rebate $3,655
Federal Tax Credit $5,438
Net Cost $12,690 Year of Installation

The Bottom Line:
Monthly savings over 25 years $185 per month (average)
Utility Savings over 25 $55,000.00
Rate of Return on Cash Invested 14%
Payback on Cash Invested 8 years
Increase in Property Value $21,300
Total Life-Cycle Payback 434% (Cash Flow compared to Net Cost
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NOW is the time.

With Orange County net metering refunds, you can put your own money back in your pocket that you were paying to the utility company and realize a pre-determined Return on Investment. There are Federal Tax credits for being the pioneers that we are. There are State CASH Incentives like the California energy rebates that are diminishing as more and more people install Orange County solar electric generating systems on the roofs of there homes and businesses.

The return and savings on your Orange County solar energy investment far outperforms a CD or Money Market Funds. Live comfortably without the constant worry of ever increasing energy rates.

Take back your power, OUR SOLAR POWER. Let us help!

Changing the nature of energy through the energy of nature. 949-484-9245

free Orange County Solar Energy Evaluation
“Treat the earth well, it was not given to us by our parents.
It was loaned to us by our children.”

Get a quote for your Orange County solar solutionNOW is the time.
With Orange County net metering refunds, you can put your own money back in your pocket that you were paying to the utility company and realize a pre-determined Return on Investment.

Take back your power, OUR SOLAR POWER. Let us help!

Changing the nature of energy through the energy of nature. 949-484-9245


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  • Rhai

    September 29, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    I have been doing some research on solar panel and wind turinbe systems. The pricing is crazy. For a 10Kw solar grid tie kit system is between $35,000 and $40,000. If you install batteries add $3,000-$5,000. 10Kw will only power a small to medium home without electric heat. Using my electric usage and info from my local electric company payback is 60 years for solar and 361 years for wind. This is unexceptionable. The manufactures of the solar and wind are gouging the consumers. They are using the excuse of supply and demand for the high cost. When demand goes up so will mass production and the price will go down. This is true, but they are making a huge profit on what they are making now. Some items are in the 3000% markup range. Are the power companies keeping the price up so their profits don’t suffer? My local electric supplier has an ENERGY PARK that you can go see solar and wind power in action and check out real time data online. They have a 4Kw solar array installed and claim it cost $30,378 installed and a 2.5Kw wind turinbe that cost about $20,000 installed. I think they are giving false numbers to consumers so you won’t go green. I was able to find a 3.5Kw kit online for $9,000. This doesn’t include any type of mounting materials. You can add $800-$1,200 for these materials. An installer will will charge you $2,000-$4,000 to install it. For the sake of argument lets say this will cost you $15,000 to install but still way out of line for you and me to install. That is a far cry from the $30,000 the power company claims. The power companies don’t want you to make your own electric. They are keeping the cost high so they will still make money off you. A 210w panel sells for around $600. They probably manufacture it for under $50. The cost needs to be $100-$150 to the consumer to make it affordable to the average home owner. 50 210w panels make a 10Kw system. That would be $5,000 not $40,000. The manufactures are raping us and the power companies are helping them to keep prices high. When will we get the technology at a proper cost? Let me know what you think.In response to the first 5 answers, Yes, if demand increases so will mass production and thus supply will increase and this will drive the price down. I looked into panels from China. From what I was able to find panels sell for $0.17-$0.45 per watt. In the U.S. they sell for $3.00-$5.00 per watt. Manufactures in the U.S. have lobbied for a higher tariff on solar products that makes them impractical to import on mass. These companies want to keep the price high so their profits stay high, and the power companies do not want you to produce all your own power. That would put them out of business.In response to Steve R, You need to do more research before you post another retarded comment like that. Air DOES have mass (just not very dense). When air is in motion it is called WIND . This motion creates energy. Have you ever heard of a tornado ? Get your facts together next time.

  • Sijo

    March 27, 2013 at 12:17 am

    That’s true. It might also be true that wind power is a good supplemental socrue of power for example, in the really really icy winter months in some areas. Then again they do use solar power in the Arctic though maybe in the summer? In Scandinavia quite a lot of wind energy is used in addition to solar. It might also depend on which types of solar panels you have. For example I remember the main with the solar-powered van in England also had a wind-turbine he could connect up in case there was not enough solar energy.There is also wind at night obviously you would normally store your solar-generated electricity so that you can use it at night as well, but the wind can probably be a backup or supplement to solar power or vice versa, in very windy areas.

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