Net Metering

Net Metering

Net metering is an arrangement between the energy consumer and the utility company.
It is beneficial for most energy consumers with solar energy systems. Solar panels produce electricity but not necessarily when the consumer needs it. When the electricity produced by your solar panels is more than you need for your consumption to power your home or business it is stored on the grid. The electric meter literally spins backwards when your system out produces your need.

You can store the excess electricity in the grid and draw it back when you need it. Net-metering refers to the billing process under which the utility charges you only for your net usage in a given period. In other words, you get a full value credit for the electricity you store in the grid, and at the end of the period you pay only for any excess that you draw over your production. In many cases systems are designed to zero out the electrical bill so that at the end of the month/year there is nothing owed to the utility company.

In a nutshell net metering is when your system is storing electricity on the grid produced during the day to be consumed at night when the system ceases to produce energy. It should be utilized by anyone with a grid tied solar electric system. Let Renew Solar Construction install your very own electric power plant today!

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