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Learn What Orange County Solar Power Can Do for Your Home

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Solar power has been around for quite some time now but the average homeowner has still a lot to learn what it can do for homes. Here is some useful information on what Orange County Solar Power can do for your home.

Whichever solar energy system you use for your home, it can be used for space, water, and pool heating.
Here are more of the benefits of using solar power:

  • It can can cool your home by providing electricity for your air conditioner.
  • It’s perfect for providing energy for all your standard appliances like washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, etc.
  • It can eliminate $100s of dollars in bills to heat your pool and cool your home during the summer or run a furnace in the winter.

And all of these costs much cheaper than using electricity for your home’s heating and cooling needs. It’s because when you use an Orange County solar power system from Renew Solar Construction System, you generate power from the sun during the day and they can even set you up with Net Metering which spins your electric meter backwards and feeds energy back onto the energy grid.

Using Orange County solar power system for your home answers your home’s heating needs while saving you money on electricity bills and preserving the environment at the same time. Those are enough reasons to invest in an Orange County solar power system.

You can heat your home through passive solar design or an active solar heating system. Passive solar design is usually incorporated in a building’s design itself. It is also ideal in certain places where it is sunny. On the other hand, an active solar heating system uses solar collectors to capture solar energy and convert it into heat and mechanical systems to distribute solar thermal energy.

Since it is not always an option to use passive solar energy because of your home’s design and location, using active solar energy has its benefits. It can be used for your home no matter how it was designed or which direction it is oriented. If you are looking for an Orange County solar energy system, you can use either an Orange County Grid-Tied solar energy system or a battery-based solar energy system.

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