Orange County Solar Power Products

At Renew Solar Construction, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality solar equipment and the best possible price. We provide a wide array of solar energy system products from today’s top U.S. solar system manufacturers. All our products are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty and are rated among the best in the industry. Contact Renew Solar Construction Today to View Our Entire Product Line and Find Out What Products Best Fit Your Needs.

Solar Energy Systems

When you are searching for an Orange County solar energy system, it’s important to understand your options. There are two basic types of solar energy systems currently on the market. These options are:

Orange County Grid-Tied Solar Electric Systems

The grid-tied solar electric system is the most commonly preferred solar option for people living in Orange County or other urban areas. Because this type of system integrates with the city’s existing electrical grid, excess energy can be stored there until it’s needed. When the excess energy

is needed, such as on rainy days or at night, it is seamlessly provided from the grid so that no interruption of power is experienced. This type of system also provides financial incentives in the form of net metering.

Battery-Based & Battery Back-Up Solar Electric Systems

The battery-based solar electric system is a self-contained system entirely power grid independent, such as in remote locations. More commonly battery back-up systems store electricity generated by the system into a bank of batteries. This energy can then be used to provide power to your home or office during power outages.

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Solar Energy System Components

Whether you choose a grid-tied, battery-based, or battery back-up solar electric system, many of the system components are similar. Renew Solar Construction strongly recommends products manufactured in the United States.  When shopping around for solar energy system components, be sure to compare manufacturers’ warranties before making a final decision. Solar products you will need when installing any solar energy system include:

Solar Modules

Solar Modules

Solar modules are commonly referred to as solar panels and are comprised of a series of interconnected solar cells known as

photovoltaic cells. These solar modules use light from the sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. While most solar panels are manufactured similarly, many manufacturers are exploring advanced technologies to make their panels more efficient.

Renew Solar Construction provides high-quality solar modules from the following manufacturers:

Orange County Solar Panels Racking

No matter what brand of solar panels you choose, a racking system is needed to mount the modules to your roof. Each racking system offers various advantages to ease installation and optimize your solar energy system. At Renew Solar Construction, we carry the most reputable and innovative Orange County solar racking systems from the following manufacturers:

Professional Solar Products UNIRAC

Orange County Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is a type of electrical inverter that converts direct current (DC) electricity (like what is produced from an automobile power outlet) from a solar module into alternating current (AC) electricity (commonly used in our homes and businesses). Solar inverters come in a variety of types in order to optimize the efficiency of various grid and battery-based solar systems. Renew Solar Construction carries top-brand inverters from the following manufacturers:


Central Inverter

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