Solar Rebates, Incentives and Credits

Solar energy is a clean alternative to natural gas, coal and other fossil fuels. Through the use of solar panels, we can harness the energy of the sun to power our homes, cars and electronics. Because solar energy provides such a clean source of power, there are many state and federal incentives for consumers that choose to convert their homes to solar homes. Our solar case studies can show you how much the average Renew Solar Construction Customer is saving.

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Saving Money with Solar Energy

Federal and state governments have recognized the environmental and financial benefits of solar power and are encouraging home and business owners to convert to solar energy by offering rebates, incentives and credits. For most people, converting to solar energy saves them thousands of dollars each year and can even generate income in some cases. Check out the top incentives and rebates now to find out just how much solar can save your family.  Renew Solar Construction handles all the paper work regarding rebates from the utility company. Our customers consult their CPA’s to realize the Federal Tax Credits on their returns.

Save Money with SolarCalifornia Solar Initiative Incentives

Developed in 2006, the California Solar Initiative Program offers a CASH back incentive for solar technologies for most homes or businesses serviced by Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric. The program will run through 2016 and rebates and incentives will decrease as the program continues. So NOW is the best time to install a Renew Solar Construction system in order to receive the best possible rebate or incentive from this program.  Visit to calculate your savings from the site and learn more details about other rebate and incentive programs for which you may qualify.

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Local Incentives and RebatesSolar Rebate

Many city and county governments offer additional rebates and incentives for installing Renew Solar Construction systems. Depending on where you live, you can expect to have permit fees waived or even possible tax credits or exemptions. To find out more about city, county or state rebates and incentives on Renew Solar Construction systems, check out this complete list of state-specific information.


Federal Rebates and Incentives

The federal government recognizes the great need for clean, renewable energy. As such, it offers various grant, rebate and incentive programs that provide assistance with the purchase and installation of a Renew Solar Construction system.

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Energy Efficient Mortgages
Residential Subsidy Exclusions
Energy Conservation Bonds

Solar Tax CreditsFederal Tax Credit

The federal residential renewable energy tax credit helps consumers cover the initial cost of installing a Renew Solar Construction system in their home or business. Consumers can receive a 30 percent tax credit for systems placed in service before Dec. 31, 2016.

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