Orange County Solar Power Services

At Renew Solar Construction, we offer expert assistance throughout the entire process of choosing, installing and maintaining the right solar system for your home or business. With over 40 years of combined contracting experience in Southern California, we understand how to create solar energy systems that best fit the needs of our customers.

Solar System Evaluation

Choosing the right solar system for your needs can sometimes be tricky. That’s why, at Renew Solar Construction, we help you understand your choices and make an informed decision based on several factors.

  • Site Evaluation
    Renew Solar Construction will visit your home or business and evaluate which systems will best integrate into your current space.
  • Feasibility Study
    Our energy efficiency experts will perform a feasibility study and energy audit to find out if converting to a solar system is possible for your home or business. The Renew Solar Construction team will use the study to address shading, spacing and integration concerns as well as other limitations.
  • Detailed Proposal
    Since there are several energy efficiency products to choose from, the team at Renew Solar Construction will use the information we gain from your site evaluation and feasibility study to determine which products best fit your needs.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
    At Renew Solar Construction, we want our clients to understand their savings and what they can expect from their new solar system. Our cost benefit analysis will help you understand your monthly savings as well as how much you can save over the life of your new solar energy system.
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Solar System Design & Installation

When you choose Renew Solar Construction as your solar partner, we do more than just sell you a product, we provide unmatched customer services and assistance throughout the installation process to ensure your system provides the maximum results.

  • Design and Engineering
    At Renew Solar Construction, we provide custom solar systems that are designed to provide you with the maximum efficiency possible. Our solar experts will design and build the ideal system for your home or business based on your unique needs and limitations.
  • Installation
    No matter which solar system products you choose, Renew Solar Construction provides expert installation to ensure your new solar system not only performs properly, but in the most efficient manner possible. Our highly-skilled installation teams know how to perfectly integrate your new solar system into your home or business.
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Solar System Savings

With Renew Solar Construction, we help you maximize the savings on your new solar system by working on your behalf to secure the best possible rebates, incentives and warranty coverage.

Learn More About Solar Energy System Savings, California Solar Energy System Rebates and Federal Solar Energy Tax Credits by Visiting Renew Solar Construction’s Rebate Page.

Solar System Maintenance

When you choose a Renew Solar Construction system, you not only get great customer service and expert installation, but also a knowledgeable maintenance partner. Our solar system experts can help you extend the life of your solar system as well as maximize its potential by performing routine maintenance and fine-tuning the system.

Solar Products Sales and Installation

Renew Solar Construction provides top-of-the-line solar energy systems as well as many other solar energy solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our solar products, including:

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