Solar 101

Solar 101

Solar 101-How it Works

Renew Solar Construction systems are the simplest home appliance you will ever own, and the only one that saves you money. Solar electric systems have no moving parts, require no maintenance and do not make any noise. The only change you will experience in your lifestyle is the dread of receiving your monthly electricity bill and the comfort of knowing you have reduced your dependency on the utility company by producing your own clean energy.

Solar Modules are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert light into electricity. The cells are made of semi-conducting materials including silicon, the second most abundant element on the planet. Solar technology has been used since the 1950s in applications ranging from calculators to satellites. Its sunshine, its limitless, its free, its simple!

How Solar Works

How Solar Works

Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow

Misconceptions about Solar Energy

  1. Solar Energy is Cost Prohibitive The cost of manufacturing has come down substantially in the last couple years. Rebates and tax incentives are readily available making solar energy more affordable than ever before. The average Renew Solar Construction customer recognizes payback periods of 6-7 years with predetermined guaranteed returns on their investment of up to 18%. Solar energy installations allow consumers to lock in the cost of their energy for decades.
  2. Solar Energy Systems are High Maintenance Solar electric systems have no moving parts and require little or no maintenance. A solar electric system will be the most reliable appliance you will ever own. Hosing the panels off a few times during summer months when there is little or no rain and keeping leaves and other debris off of the panels is about the only maintenance ever needed. Beyond that you just reap the rewards of having your own personal maintenance free power plant.
  3. Solar Panels Don’t Last Typical manufacturer’s warranties cover modules and their production for twenty five years. Solar panels last a life time and will typically loose ½ (0.05%) conversion efficiency annually. This means that in twenty five years your system will produce at least 80% of what it produced when it was brand new.
  4. Solar Technology Hasn’t Matured All Technologies continue to evolve and photovoltaic’s is no exception. The Photoelectric effect was discovered in 1838 although it wasn’t until the early fifty’s that the technology was refined enough to produce efficient working cells. Since then the basic principles of photovoltaics have changed very little. During the fifty’s and sixties Solar PV was used in satellites but was to expensive for general use. The big change in the last thirty years isn’t in the technology-it’s the fact that manufacturing costs have been reduced drastically.
  5. You Have to Have a South Facing Roof In a perfect world you have a large south west facing facet of your roof in which to install your solar modules but its hardly a necessity. Due to the increased efficiencies of modules and new inverter technology solar modules can be facing multiple directions with positive results.

Other Misinformation

  • With the right mindset America can achieve energy independence not just nationally but individually one home or business at a time. Solar power will be a huge part of the world’s energy future. Like any technology it will continue to improve and evolve but is already a mature proven technology that is here and ready to use now. Don’t let misconceptions from others deter from solar power being a part of your energy independent future.
Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow

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