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Don’t Let Misconceptions Stop You from Using Orange County Solar Energy

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Many people have realized the advantages of using Orange County solar energy. There are more who are interested because of the financial and environmental benefits of using solar energy. For those who want to use it but haven’t done yet, it’s because of some misconceptions about solar energy.

Have you heard of any of these common misconceptions about about solar energy?

  • It is expensive.
  • It is high-maintenance.
  • Solar panels are not durable.
  • Solar technology has not matured, and
  • It only works with a south-facing roof.


All these concerns are misconceptions because first, manufacturing costs has gone down and rebates and incentives are available. Solar panels last a lifetime and manufacturers’ warranties cover  modules and their manufacturing for twenty five years. As for technology, it has gone a long way in the sense that manufacturing has become cost-effective. A south-facing roof is ideal but with Orange County solar modules are now efficient enough and new inverter technology solar modules can face multiple directions.

Misconceptions about using an Orange County solar energy system are just that- misconceptions. They are not obstacles to stop anybody from taking advantage of what solar energy has to offer. If you want to make use of affordable and renewable energy, go solar and contact us or GET STARTED by reading our SOLAR 101 Section:  Thinking About Going Solar?

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