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Invest in Your Golden Years Before You Retire- Orange County Solar Power

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Ah, the Golden Years in Orange County! Solar Power may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your retirement, but there are a few things you might want to consider when it comes to saving money and energy for your future!

The First Few Years of Your Retirement

Imagine this:  You’re finally both retired – enjoying each others’ company in the house you’ve worked so hard to get.  Since you’re home more often, you’re using more electricity. Once you’ve remodeled your “empty nest” into a retirement-ready-retreat and you’ve mastered the art of lounging, you might get the itch to travel!

Some retired couples underestimate their electricity use and overestimate how long the novelty of “one-on-one time” might last!  They find themselves bickering in the dark about budgeting!  Thankfully, you opted for Orange County solar energy years ago, and  you’ve actually saved enough money on utility costs to travel!

So when you’ve finally finished channel surfing in your pajamas, you can go body surfing in the Pacific Islands!

Fixed Rates- A Better Fit For Fixed Retirement Incomes

Many retirees live on an income that doesn’t waiver- so why should their energy costs? Investing in Orange County solar power can not only eliminate erratic electric bills, but remove the uncertainty that comes with their ever-rising rates.

The cost of electricity in California inflates 6.7 percent annually, and that can put a serious damper on your finances if you forget to factor it in to your budget.   However, if you generate your own Orange County solar power – you reap the benefits of a fixed utility rate-  you’re essentially immune to inflation!

An Investment for the Future

The Orange County solar energy experts at Renew know a thing or two about preserving for the future…  they help people do just that each time they install one of their energy-friendly systems!  Not only does the switch to Orange County solar power preserve the earth’s natural resources, it increases  the value of your  home. The money you can save (or gain if you sell your home) and the energy you save may one day be passed along to future generations – so you’re securing a financially and environmentally sound future!

The Next Step Toward a Worry-Free Retirement!

Getting started is easy (read a blog about it!),  so why spend your Golden Years pinching pennies?  Check out easy-to-interpret case studies to see how much money can be put toward the retirement funds of these real customers! With the help of the experts at Renew Solar Construction, you can save, too!

Request your personalized cost-benefit analysis and find out how Orange County solar power can improve your retirement when you speak to one of our specialists.  Contact us today and start saving for tomorrow!

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