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Renew’s Views Align With Orange County Photovoltaic Needs

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“Seen here is an example of Solar Panels, which are composed of photovoltaic cell-clusters.”

Orange County photovoltaic power systems are in high demand as consumers recognize their many benefits. When the photovoltaic cells combine,solar panels (or modules) are manufactured or created.  These panels use the light from the sun to generate electricity, which can be harnessed with little or no maintenance needed. Orange County Photovoltaic Systems  offer freedom from high utility bills and owners would essentially have their own personal power plant!  Learn more about how Solar Energy works…

An Orange County Photovoltaic Provider Works Towards  Improving Community, Conserving Energy

As the industry is growing, so is the number of new, inexperienced, or even untrustworthy companies.  Read on to  discover a  trusted name in  Orange County Photovoltaics and how their  core values and beliefs may help reduce energy use.

Renew Solar Construction’s Conscientious Business Practices Include:

  • Contributing to our community, environment, and positive social change

  • Promoting a healthier world with the installations of Orange County photovoltaic

  • Freely sharing what we’ve learned in our collective 4 decades of industry experience

  • Build strong relationships with our customers & lending institutions

  • “Doing the right thing” above all else

Our team enjoys working toward the betterment of our world with the implementation of Orange County photovoltaic systems.  So we offer the most cost-effective design along with the most efficient methods  of  installation and use only the highest quality materials.

Staff Members At Renew:

  • Handles all the customers’  paperwork regarding the rebates from the utility company
  • Will analyze, install, and guide clients through the process of converting to solar energy
  • Are patient educators with over 20 years of industry experience, not pushy salesmen
  • Wants people (and the earth!) to reap the benefits of  Orange County photovoltaic
  • Provides support from the day of your free evaluation to solar energy system installation & beyond!

Renew Today-Preserve Tomorrow P 949-484-9245

free Orange County Solar Energy Evaluation
“Treat the earth well, it was not given to us by our parents.
It was loaned to us by our children.”

Get a quote for your Orange County solar solutionNOW is the time.
With Orange County net metering refunds, you can put your own money back in your pocket that you were paying to the utility company and realize a pre-determined Return on Investment.

Take back your power, OUR SOLAR POWER. Let us help!

Changing the nature of energy through the energy of nature. 949-484-9245


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  • Miguel

    September 29, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    Since you mention cost, I’m gunssieg your main goal would be saving money? Solar can do that, but it would be a large upfront cost, and perhaps 10 years to get your money back, after which you start saving money. That would be in a good area, like California. The most cost-effective system you can install today would be a grid-tied one. You would check with a solar installer to see how much that would cost.The best way to save money immediately is to turn the A/C thermostat up to what you can stand. In Wyoming, they had the A/C at 80 degrees, and it felt great (dry air).The best way to save money quickly but not instantly is to add shade and insulation to your house.

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