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Thinking About Going Solar?

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Go From “Thinking About It” to “Can’t Live Without It” in a Few Easy Steps!

Step 1.

Get INSPIRED. Watch now…

Step 2.

Get your bill into our hands – we’ll work on getting it out of yours!

All we need is one utility bill (most recent is best) to determine how much you’d save with solar! Using the seasonal summary, we can evaluate how much you’ve been spending versus how much you could be saving when you switch to solar!

When you think about it:

Your electric bill is a payment that always goes up, never goes away and you never have anything to show for it.  Solar energy is an investment that can raise the property value of your home, save you money in the long run, and save natural resources.

Step 3.

Tell Uncle Sam You’re All For His Plan!

Every year he government is going to give you money for saving money and conserving the earth.

You’ll probably be very busy planning what you’ll do with all that money, so Renew will show you exactly which rebates apply to you, since there are so many to take advantage of.  We’ve done the legwork and we love passing on the benefits like these:

  • credit for full retail value of the electricity you produce
  • reduce energy bill to $5
  • cash incentives on day of installation in California
  • property tax exemptions

Step 4.

Let me buy you a coffee!

I’d like to hear about your energy goals and make a few recommendations over a strong cup of joe.  From there, we draw up a detailed estimate featuring expected costs, savings, and rebates.  Here’s the hard part – you’ve got to go tell your family how much money you could have been saving all along.  But don’t dwell on the past for a new possibility is at your fingertips – and that is cause for celebration!

Those who have already made the switch agree –  investing in a virtually maintaiance-free power plant is a wise descision.   The cost benefits you are about to reap coupled with the good deed you are doing for the environment makes this an easy choice.  So if you leave our meeting with any “bitter” taste in your mouth, we’ll know the barrista must have given us some good, strong coffee!

Step 5.

Reap and Enjoy!

The Renew Solar Construction tea thoughroughly enjoys what theydo; we like helping people save money while converting to a more eco-friendly energy source.  As much as we love what we do, we also strive toward an efficienct and non-invasive installation, so you need not worry about  slovenly strangers setting up camp as if your home were a frat house!  We are friendly professionals, and we custom-install your investment so that it intergrates seemlessly with your existing structures.  You can just kick back and wait for the savings!

Just give us a ring at 949-484-9245 to start making the change.

free Orange County Solar Energy Evaluation
“Treat the earth well, it was not given to us by our parents.
It was loaned to us by our children.”

Get a quote for your Orange County solar solutionNOW is the time.
With Orange County net metering refunds, you can put your own money back in your pocket that you were paying to the utility company and realize a pre-determined Return on Investment.

Take back your power, OUR SOLAR POWER. Let us help!

Changing the nature of energy through the energy of nature. 949-484-9245


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