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Anaheim Hills, CA Solar Energy System Installation & Photovoltaic Case Study

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Renew Solar Construction-Photovoltaic/Solar Energy System Case Study: Anaheim Hills Family Saves Huge $ with Anaheim Public Utilities Rebate & SunPower Lease

Anaheim Hills solar panel installation will not only cut the cost of your utilities bill, but also save our environments’ resources. With an Orange County Solar System, the electricity you use will mainly come from the sun!

Orange County Solar Installation – Placentia Solar Energy System Case Study

Location: Anaheim Hills – Anaheim, California

Problem: High electric bills due to recent addition, remodel and installation of swimming pool.

Orange County Solar Power Project Description:

  • Design & Installation of a 8.10 kW AC Power System
  • SunPower Solar Electric System Consist’s of (28) SunPower 327 Watt Solar Modules with web based energy production monitoring.


Anaheim Public Utilities Rebate?

Do you or someone you know live in Anaheim? Do you get your electricity from Anaheim Public Utility? Did you know APU has some of the best rebates in the state? The 2013-2014 APU rebate program will bring a whopping $2.42 per watt in comparison to .15-.35 cents a watt from other utilities. This means an incredible $85,000.00 savings for this Anaheim family.

The 2012-2013 APU rebates were all reserved and spoken for within 72 hours last year so contact Renew Solar Construction today to get in on this amazing opportunity! With ZERO $ DOWN you can save with SunPower-The Worlds Standard for Solar!!

READ MORE on Anaheim Utilities Incentives & Rebate – CLICK HERE.

Cost Breakdown:
Prepaid Lease $2,877.00
Anaheim Public Utility Rebate $21,496.00
Twenty Year Savings $84,979.00
Net Cost $2,877.00 Year of Installation

The Bottom Line:

Take control of your electricity costs-no more surprises!

First Year Savings $2,445.00
Utility Savings over 20 years $84,979.00


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We are all dependent and committed to using electricity with zero control over how much $ we pay.
Take control today, you have the power-your solar power!!
free Orange County Solar Energy Evaluation
“Treat the earth well, it was not given to us by our parents.
It was loaned to us by our children.”

Get a quote for your Orange County solar solutionNOW is the time.
With Orange County net metering refunds, you can put your own money back in your pocket that you were paying to the utility company and realize a pre-determined Return on Investment.

Take back your power, OUR SOLAR POWER. Let us help!

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