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Eliminate Erratic Electric Bills: Orange County Solar Modules Restore Self-Sustainability Using Natural Energy

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Until recently, Orange County property owners paying their utility companies upwards of $150 per month didn’t have many options for energy providers.  Continual increases in electricity use and rates cause frustration and leave customers feeling vulnerable to the whims of electricity providers. It was simply considered “the way it is”, and, after all of the monthly charges and fretting, customers were still left with nothing tangible to show for their investments.

But thanks to advances in the production of solar energy panels, Californians now have an affordable and environmentally sound option.  Orange County Solar Modules leave owners with an invaluable product in exchange for their hard-earned money and that increases value of property and saves them money over time…

Orange County Solar Modules are designed to nearly eliminate the electrical bill  in many cases- so that at the end of the month/year there is usually nothing owed to the utility company.

Find out how it works…

Solar Modules :

  • Are also referred to as solar panels
  • Made up of a series of interconnected solar cells known as photovoltaic cells.
  • Orange County solar modules use light from the sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect.


Orange County Solar Modules help generate the same reliable electricity you’ve grown accustomed to without the apprehension of receiving erratic or excessive monthly charges. – you’d essentially have your own power plant, and budget energy use as you see fit.

Renew Solar Construction can help you to achieve Stability, Security, and Self-Sustainability of both YOUR ENERGY & YOUR FINANCES.

Current government incentives and rebates make Orange County Solar Modules more affordable than ever. Renew wants to help improve the community and your life, so we offer genuinely thoughtful service and competitive rates that reflect that.

Not only will payments toward your Orange County Solar Modules be predictable, they’ll come with a guaranteed rate of return on your cash investment. can even generate income in some cases.  Renew Solar Construction handles all the paper work regarding rebates from the utility company. Our customers consult their CPA’s to realize the Federal Tax Credits on their returns.

Typical savings to residents that convert can range from 50 to 250 hundred thousand dollars over 25 years.  For examples, click here. Now that’s tangible!

Reduce your dependency on the utility company by producing your own clean energy and actually adding value to your property instead of handing it over to a utility company…

Orange County solar electric system is a financial and environmental investment, a solid investment with predetermined gains. By renewing today, you preserve your financial future and preserve the environment for future generations…

Contact Renew to find out more about how Orange County Solar Modules can benefit you and the environment.
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“Treat the earth well, it was not given to us by our parents.
It was loaned to us by our children.”

Get a quote for your Orange County solar solutionNOW is the time.
With Orange County net metering refunds, you can put your own money back in your pocket that you were paying to the utility company and realize a pre-determined Return on Investment.

Take back your power, OUR SOLAR POWER. Let us help!

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