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Energy 101: Understanding the Power of The Sun (Animated Video)

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Different Solar Devices & How They Work: The Pros & Cons

The sun is the most abundant and most renewable resource. There’s enough power from the sun for all and it will never run out.

Learn more about the pros and cons of solar energy in this video with an inside look at solar-power technology by animated correspondent of energyNOW! news!


Fun Fact: Just outside Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest place in the world. The sun’s energy from that place alone is enough to supply 80% of our planet’s needs.

The sun’s energy naturally energizes  all the plants in the planet and the plants in turn energizes animals and the human body called photosynthesis. Scientists have duplicated this process with the use of modern technology of getting energy from the sun to power homes and cities.

There are two ways of capturing the power of the sun:

  •  By using photo-voltaic devices commonly known as solar cells. They change sunlight directly into electricity. Solar panels can be placed on the roofs of existing buildings, so they don’t require extra land for power plants. Solar energy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide and pollutants.
  •  By capturing its heat. This is the concentrated solar power system where a large area of sunlight is concentrated on a small area with the use of mirrors. Electrical power is produced when this concentrated light is converted into heat which drives a heat engine connected into an electrical power generator. The disadvantage of this technology is there is only power when the sun is up. To address this issue, it is recommended that a combination of solar power, wind power, and bio-gas should be used. When one solar technology isn’t working during cloudy days, the other system should take its place. Scientists are currently working how to store solar energy days for cloudy days and night time.
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