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How Solar Panels Work and How They Can Earn You Money

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An Animation Video on How Solar Panels Work by The Eco Experts

How solar panels work is still a mystery to most people. We happened upon this lil video that creatively shed some light on the mystery.

To summarize, here’s a simple explanation that will shed light to the abundant and renewable energy source available to us.

  • Solar panels collect energy from daylight.
  • They collect energy even when its cloudy, or even snowy.
  • You don’t need a planning permission, unless is listed or in a conservation area. You may need permission from your council.
  • You don’t need  a lot of roof space because solar panels can be as small as 8m
  • Most solar panels can last up to 50 years!
  • Installing solar panels is simple.
  • Find an MCS installer and your panels can be installed in two days.
  • Panels are secured on your roof.
  • An inverter is installed.
  • And the power is connected to your home and the grid.
  • Register your solar install with your electricity supplier and Ofgem.
  • Your electricity supplier sends your money each quarter.

How solar panels work isn’t as complicated as it may first seem. They harness energy from the most abundant and renewable energy source, and most exciting of all – using solar energy can actually earn you money. Using Orange County solar panels or modules will not let only allow you to use an abundant and renewable energy source, it can earn you money, too.


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