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Rebates and Incentives for Recycling or Upgrading – Get $50 for Old Appliances

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If you have been thinking about getting a new refrigerator, now is the time to do so! As we learn more about old appliances and the impact they can cause on our the environment, the importance of recycling them becomes increasingly clear.

Companies like Cash for Appliances or Southern California Edison often offer cash or rebates for allowing them to properly dispose of your old appliance. According to, the government allotted $35,200,000 in funding and rebates to this program in 2010. Cash for Appliances is operated by the California Energy Commission, and they are accepting requests to be put on the HVAC / Water Heater removal/rebate list.

Rebates and incentives may be available to those who make energy-conscientious upgrades – like going SOLAR!

Solar RebateWhen you call an energy professional to haul away your old, outdated, or broken appliances, you can be sure they will handle the useless remains responsibly. You stand to gain not only peace of mind, but $50, too!


Not having to dispose of your own fridge saves you from:

  • time of researching proper disposal
  • travel time /gas money
  • disposal fee / potential fine if not done properly
  • wear and tear on the vehicle that carries it
  • moving a large heavy object
  • risk of prsonal injury / damage to property

Southern California Edison will give qualified candidates $50 for recycling a fridge that is no longer needed! Not only will they pay you, but they’ll do all the work of hauling it away for free, too! Since new models can be up to twice as efficient as your old model, you could end up saving money on utilities every year!

You may qualify for SCE’s incentive if…

  • You are an SCE customer
  • The appliance is located at your SCE service address
  • The appliance is in working condition at the time of pick up
  • The refrigerator or freezer is 10 to 32 cubic feet in size

For more about SCE’s Refridgerator and Freezer Recycling Program click here or call 1-800-234-9722.

If you want to learn about more efficient energy or how to save money on bills while saving the planet ‘s resources, visit Renew Solar’s website.

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  • Mimy

    March 26, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    wind needs wind solar needs sun, i live on a small solar system and a back up gen set, 2 tenegaes and seen to have heaps of power in summer, needs a bit of a boust in winter, i can run just about what ever except element type appliances they are just to heavy unless u have a big system fridge is on gas but u can get some fridges ,compressor type is best

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