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San Onofre Nuclear Substation Closed Permanently

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After an 18 month state of temporary shut down status, Southern California Edison has formally announced the permanent shut down of their San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.  According to an Orange County Register article, the plant was temporarily put offline due to a small radioactive gas leak in January 2012.  Edison’s spokespeople state “…We have concluded that the continuing uncertainty about when or if SONGS might return to service was not good for our customers, our investors, or the need to plan for our region’s long-term electricity needs.”

Read the full Orange County Register article here

“Its not clear how this shortfall will be mitigated and how the immediate and increased needs of Californians will be met. The California Public Utilities Commission said it will work with governments to ensure Southern California has enough electricity, which will require increased energy efficiency and conservation during peak usage, as well as upgrades to transmission and generation resources. Guess who will pay for it?

Prior to the recent announcement to close San Onofre the California Utilities Commission had already approve rate increases which will cost customers more money for the same amount of power. Be a producer instead of a consumer.”

-Rob Huie, Owner at Renew Solar

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