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The Financial Benefits of an Orange County Solar Power Sytem

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Solar Alliance representative guest appears on San Diego Living to help sort out all the incentives.

Learn about the California Solar Initiative and how you can get a rebate by installing a residential solar system in California.

“When the state or federal government make you an offer you just cant refuse, don’t you start to wonder, ‘what’s the catch?’

And when it comes to green energy, I don’t know about you, but I’m always afraid of getting wrapped up in red tape.

 We can really save a lot of money and not have to spend a lot to get started.”

With the California Solar Initiative – CA will actually give people money to put a solar system on their home. (An actual check is sent to your home!)

The benefits of solar energy are beginning to be recognized by more people. In fact, the federal and state governments in California have started a program called the California Solar Initiative. To put it simply, the state of California gives people money to install a solar system in their homes and businesses.  Here’s a video that explains how the incentive program works.


Here’s how the California Solar Initiative works:

  • Complete an energy efficiency audit.
  • Find a solar installer.
  • Apply for rebates.
  • Install your system.
  • Claim your rebates.

Those are just five easy steps that will help you earn money when you install an Orange County solar system. The cost of installing a solar system is a big concern, but with the rebates, incentives, and credits that you can get from installing  solar power systems CA.

There are so many benefits from using an Orange County solar system. The most familiar one would be the environmental ones, but now you know that there are also financial benefits that not only saves but also earns you money.