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U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon and XPO: Orange County Solar Power Specialists Unite

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Orange County Solar Power Professionals Unite

Orange County Solar Power Professionals Unite

Rob Huie, owner of Renew Solar Construction, was chosen to speak at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon and XPO held at the Great Park in Irvine.  The XPO features “visionary and innovative companies” and provides information through exhibits and activities, including speakers and symposium.  For more information on the event click here.

Due to the high turnout at the XPO, the arena being used was not conducive for public speaking, therefore Rob was unable to speak.  However we would like to share a few pieces of information we originally had planned for our presentation about the new way to power our homes and vehicles on sunshine and how we can use the sun’s energy by harvesting it on a daily basis from the source.  Renew Today-Preserve tomorrow.

Instead of extracting it out of the earth from thousands of feet below the earths surface and transporting it to a power plant to burn it (polluting our air in the process) we can harvest it in its purest form, thereby “Renewing Today”. By getting electricity from the sun every day it rises on the horizon we “Preserve Tomorrow”. We preserve our environment, we preserve our financial future and fix our cost of electricity. Electricity from the sun is not finite, its infinite!

If you want to be a producer instead of a consumer, and you want to power your home and drive on sunshine someday, you should make the switch!

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