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What’s New in Orange County Solar Power Installation, Technology & Community?

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Care of the earth...With the constant change in technology, Orange County solar energy is changing every day. There are always new products, and new ways people are expanding the use of solar energy. We are excited for the new things that will be happening in the coming years! Check out what we are hearing about!

  • Solar Paint

    Researched at the University of Notre Dame have developed a low-cost solar paint that would not be limited to flat surfaces. Once painted on to any conducting materials and exposed to the sunlight the paint will create electricity. It isn’t yet efficient enough for current market use, but developers are still continuing to research further advancement with that material.

  • Solar Fabric

    Solar fabric is currently being made for commercial use. They are as efficient as rigid solar panels, and are being considered to cover structures such as the US embassy in London!

  • Solar Windows

    Companies are currently working to develop transparent glass solar panels, which would turn the windows into power generators. This would be especially exciting for skyscraper installations!

  • Solar Roadways

    Currently being tested for walkways, roads and parking lots, solar roadways could potentially create huge steps for this technology. It would open many opportunities for power as up to 15% of city surfaces cover the country.

  • Space-based Solar

    Solaren Corp is currently developing technology that would beam solar power from orbit. Electricity beaming down from space? Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, except this is expected to actually happen in the year 2016!

These innovations will create a new era of renewable energy! Such a big part of our mission to Renew today, Preserve Tomorrow!

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